We charge the state with genocide! Only one week after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the snake that takes it form in racist police violence reared its ugly head again with the non-indictment of killer cops Justin Damico and Daniel Pantelo in the death of Eric Garner. Eric Garner was a father of six, a municipal worker and he was subjected to an illegal chokehold that was all caught on tape. While the paramedics were suspended without pay for not adminstering CPR to Garner, the police who murdered him were placed on desk duty. This is despite the autopsy that determined his cause of death was attributed to compression on his neck and chest, this was despite the undeniable video evidence, in which Mr. Garner repeatedly yelled that he could not breathe and yet his murderers were still not charged with his murder.

The sad truth is that Eric Garner represents another murder in the sickening spiral that is inherent in a nation built on the backs of slaves and genocide of the original inhabitants. Can we expect such a violent and imperialist nation to reform itself? More US citizens are killed at the hands of police in the last decade than have been killed by the Iraqi insurgency, this would constitute a situation of war, but only one side is armed, and they are armed to the teeth. The New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio the morning after the non-indictment discussed how he would put body cameras on all NYPD officers, a trending topic amongst other police departments around the country. We say this “reform” is a fraud and a completely dishonest non-solution to the issue of police violence and national oppression. What good are body cameras in holding the police accountable to their actions when a man was literally murdered in front of our eyes?

In Kansas City
In Kansas City

In response, the people of New York City took to the streets, our sister organization in New York City The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee issued a call to Union Square where they put forward the only real solution: revolution. In Kansas City the Progressive Youth Organization, One Struggle KC and other progressive forces came out to the intersection of Prospect and Emmanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and shut down the streets for 4 minutes and 30 seconds to bring attention not only to Mike Brown and Eric Garner but the disappeared 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. Almost immediately we were swarmed by the armed forces of the state: the Kansas City Police Department who came out with 50 armed officers and at least 5 paddy wagons, yet they were powerless to stop us from demonstrating and shutting down traffic.

Everyday across the country we are witnessing a growing movement of the most oppressed masses who are beginning to see the racist and imperialist capitalist system for what it is. They are beginning to see that the police are not there to protect them, but to oppress them. They are starting to realize that bourgeois justice is not blind, for what justice can we see for the oppressed in the courts of their oppressors? They are seeing the contradictions between rule of law and how it does not apply to the State whether it is in Ferguson, Mexico or Palestine. This movement will continue to grow so long as more people are murdered by the state. The boiling water in the pot can only be stirred and allowed to heat for so long before it spills over. If we dare to struggle then we will win!