Out With The Racists, In With The Refugees

As 2016 rolls around, so does the 5th year of the Syrian Civil War. amerikkaMillions of people have fled the country attempting to escape the violence, preferably to Europe or the United States. In a 289-137 the US House of Representatives voted to make it harder for refugees fleeing the tragic violence to come here. In Missouri, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and the Missouri Republicans want the State to deny entry for all Syrian Refugees. Meanwhile Governor Jay Nixon wants “more safeguards” to an already restrictive process. While in Kansas politicians like Sam Brownback are attempting to block refugees from coming in signing an executive order to prevent refugee resettlement! Governor Sam Brownback is a gubernatorial travesty, and is trying to shift the attention away from his failed policies and joins about 20 more governors, in denying refuge for those fleeing terror and violence caused by this country’s imperialist policies. They are not alone, presidential candidate Donald Trump, one never to disappoint with his racist rhetoric, has even gone as far as to call for a ban on all Muslim immigration and a national database as we “cannot be sure” if they are terrorists or not. Implying that the majority of the world’s Muslims are only a shove away from adopting the tenets of the Islamic State. This sort of language is what comes right before a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Using racist and Islamophobic rhetoric, the Far Right in this country has demonized and painted with a broad brush all Muslims and people of Arab descent as terrorists. We must stand together against these reactionaries because they do not only affect refugees from countries like Iraq or Syria, but also refugees fleeing violence in Central America.


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Break The Cages: End Detainment of Asylum Seekers!

Asylum-seekers fleeing violence in their home countries are being indefinitely held in private detention centers under horrendous conditions and set for deportation to countries where they face immediate danger. In light of this situation detainees in these facilities began a series of hunger strikes, demanding immediate release and an end to deportation. The hunger strikes originated mid- October at an El Paso detention center with 54 South Asian detainees and it quickly spread to several other detention centers in the South, including the LaSalle Detention Center in Louisiana, the T.Don Hutto Detention center, the East and West Facility of Adelanto in California and more, as the risk of death through starvation became their only route to freedom. These acts of solidarity show the level of desperation for humane treatment that is not provided by our government. The detainees made the following demands: Continue reading “Break The Cages: End Detainment of Asylum Seekers!”

Stop The Dirty War on the Poor! Solidarity with Cooper Court

Progressive Youth Organization in Kansas City stands in solidarity with the poor, the oppressed, and those experiencing homelessness in Boise, Idaho. The recent actions surrounding Cooper Court are a direct, intentional and violent attack on some of Boise’s most vulnerable community members by some of the city’s most powerful. We stand united with the people of Boise against this unjustifiable crime. We see this as an attack on all the poor, working and oppressed peoples of Boise, and part of a broader trend affecting the entire country. We strongly condemn the actions of the hyper-aggressive and over-zealous BPD. We strongly oppose the clandestine actions of the City of Boise, along with all of its political elite who supported this disgraceful maneuver. It’s reprehensible enough that a number of our oppressed and vulnerable siblings have to resort to this “tent city” (recalling scenes from the Great Depression); but it’s absolutely atrocious that the BPD would launch a coordinated attack to forcibly remove them from their only stable shelter without providing any sustainable, long-term and dignified alternative. Continue reading “Stop The Dirty War on the Poor! Solidarity with Cooper Court”