Stop The Dirty War on the Poor! Solidarity with Cooper Court

Progressive Youth Organization in Kansas City stands in solidarity with the poor, the oppressed, and those experiencing homelessness in Boise, Idaho. The recent actions surrounding Cooper Court are a direct, intentional and violent attack on some of Boise’s most vulnerable community members by some of the city’s most powerful. We stand united with the people of Boise against this unjustifiable crime. We see this as an attack on all the poor, working and oppressed peoples of Boise, and part of a broader trend affecting the entire country. We strongly condemn the actions of the hyper-aggressive and over-zealous BPD. We strongly oppose the clandestine actions of the City of Boise, along with all of its political elite who supported this disgraceful maneuver. It’s reprehensible enough that a number of our oppressed and vulnerable siblings have to resort to this “tent city” (recalling scenes from the Great Depression); but it’s absolutely atrocious that the BPD would launch a coordinated attack to forcibly remove them from their only stable shelter without providing any sustainable, long-term and dignified alternative.

This statement from ACLU of Idaho has us very concerned: “The City intentionally created panic, confusion, and paranoia. Worse, it is forcibly evicting and processing human beings. Although the City has arranged for so-called “transition” assistance, that—of course—is just what forced government displacement always looks like. We have seen this kind of government displacement before in American history, and it has always been shameful. The City cannot spin its way out of the cruel bottom line: today, it destroyed a community using totalitarian tactics.” To put it bluntly, these actions reek of fascism. They reek of a wealthy and bourgeois elite who would rather see poor people displaced and destabilized, then have to look at their meager encampment on the commute to work.

12348590_780514148741827_733844540_nAnyone who’s been paying attention understands that this is part of a continued attack on the poor and oppressed peoples of Boise by the city elite, their cop lackeys, and rightist supporters. Remember, the system is never there for the oppressed! The fact is the system is broken, and the solutions to this problem and many others are ignored by those who pretend to lead us. But there are short term solutions. It’s a fact that Boise has enough vacant housing to supply adequate living conditions for the homeless. Regardless, we stand with all of our friends and comrades in Boise as they continue in the fight for justice and liberation, and against this brutality towards some of the city’s most vulnerable community members. Show them, the community elite and their ignorant supporters, that it’s us, the people, who run the show. Show them that we won’t let them act this way with impunity. Let this be part of a broader movement that unites the progressive elements of Boise into a more cohesive unit. The struggle never stops. Bless and solidarity!

#Boise #CooperCourt #StopTheBPD #ResistTheCoB #FlyoverStateSolidarity


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