Out With The Racists, In With The Refugees

As 2016 rolls around, so does the 5th year of the Syrian Civil War. amerikkaMillions of people have fled the country attempting to escape the violence, preferably to Europe or the United States. In a 289-137 the US House of Representatives voted to make it harder for refugees fleeing the tragic violence to come here. In Missouri, Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and the Missouri Republicans want the State to deny entry for all Syrian Refugees. Meanwhile Governor Jay Nixon wants “more safeguards” to an already restrictive process. While in Kansas politicians like Sam Brownback are attempting to block refugees from coming in signing an executive order to prevent refugee resettlement! Governor Sam Brownback is a gubernatorial travesty, and is trying to shift the attention away from his failed policies and joins about 20 more governors, in denying refuge for those fleeing terror and violence caused by this country’s imperialist policies. They are not alone, presidential candidate Donald Trump, one never to disappoint with his racist rhetoric, has even gone as far as to call for a ban on all Muslim immigration and a national database as we “cannot be sure” if they are terrorists or not. Implying that the majority of the world’s Muslims are only a shove away from adopting the tenets of the Islamic State. This sort of language is what comes right before a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Using racist and Islamophobic rhetoric, the Far Right in this country has demonized and painted with a broad brush all Muslims and people of Arab descent as terrorists. We must stand together against these reactionaries because they do not only affect refugees from countries like Iraq or Syria, but also refugees fleeing violence in Central America.


This is not an isolated event, whether it be children from Central America or refugees from Libya the Imperialists have shown no kindness and have consistently trumped up the flames of bigotry all in a ruse of “keeping us safe”, all the while to distract from problems at home. There must always be that perpetual “other” to distract us. Let us not forget where ISIS comes from, directly splitting off of Al-Qaeda: a terror organization founded by the United States government! So many conflicts in the Middle East and around the world are made worse or started by the Imperialists in Europe and America. There can be no peace in this world so long as imperialism and capitalism exists, millions have died and millions more will suffer for the foreseeable future if things to do not change. Our very survival depends on it.

Even if coalition stops ISIS, the violence will not stop. There is no interest in the system for the violence to stop. There will be another scapegoat, another thing the imperialists will hold over the oppressed and use it as an excuse to make their lives horrible. If there is no reason, then one will be created. This cycle has killed millions in the Middle East in the past 20 years alone! They are drowning in the Mediterranean, they are starving in the streets, and they are killed in their homes. This madness must be put to an end. The actions of the coalition and the United States governors are illegal and horrifying. This is why we are calling for all freedom loving and progressive people from immigrants rights activists to peace activists to not only welcome all refugees with welcome arms, but to also condemn the brutal and imperialist war in Syria. We will be gathering on Sunday December 20th, 2015 at 12:00 pm in Washington Square Park across the street from the Kansas and Missouri Federal Immigration Court in a solidarity picket to show the city that racism is not welcome in the states of Missouri and Kansas.

We at the Progressive Youth Organization stand with all of the oppressed and demand that refugees to be allowed to seek refuge safely.

Out with racists, in with the refugees!
They Are Not Dangerous!
They Are In Danger!


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