Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win: Kansas City Rises Against Trump

The people of Chicago did what no one had done since the 1960s: actually shut down an presidential election rally and they could not have picked a better person to shut down. The fascist clown Donald Trump was immediately kicked out before he even took the stage, due to pressure from the thousands of protesters outside, as well as those on the inside of the venue. Some sources claim that upwards of 60% of attendees in Chicago’s Trump rally were actually protesters.

Apart from seeing this as well as the events in St. Louis, we begin to see a trend where Trump’s rhetoric against Mexicans, Black people, Muslims and others are reaching a boiling point. A point where people no longer can stand quiet and do nothing as this beast is allowed to spew hate and sow seeds of discontent. In the past we saw crowds in the Trump rallies spit, punch and assault individual protesters with no interference from police, security or the Secret Service. Now we are seeing larger numbers come out not only to disrupt his hate speeches, but to rally outside his venues. The events in Chicago and St. Louis inspired us in Progressive Youth Organization to issue the call to get “Trump Out of KC”. Donald Trump had been scheduled to host a rally at the Midland Theater in Downtown Kansas City, at the same time as the Big 12 Basketball tournament was going on in the City and we had hoped to draw a huge crowd to meet him upon his arrival.

Protest of Donald Trump
Protest of Donald Trump campaign for President outside a Trump campaign rally at the Midland Theatre in downtown Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, March 12, 2016.
Protest of Donald Trump
Protest of Donald Trump campaign for President outside a Trump campaign rally at the Midland Theatre in downtown Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday, March 12, 2016.

In essence thousands of people were going to be downtown, thousands more than usual. With less than two days to prepare, our organization was in full motion to not only coordinate the call to rally outside, but also to coordinate disruptions with our members and those taking our lead, as well as spreading the call to support the bail and legal fund for those that could have been and that were arrested. Inside our comrades as well as fast food workers from Stand Up KC and others disrupted Donald upwards to a dozen times for almost 45 minutes. It became so bad for Trump that much of his time was spent ranting about protesters and reading a newspaper about a snake for ten minutes, the meltdown of Trump after being disrupted for so long was taking a toll that he was forced to leave early.

The rallies themselves are almost circus like, complete with incomprehensible yelling, glam rock music and hooligan fans. Some comrades of ours had their hair pulled, signs torn up, and shoved. Others were spit on, with the Secret Service and the Kansas City Police Department doing absolutely nothing to protect protesters. In fact the police were culprits in the violence themselves. Shoving people by the neck, pulling batons out and rough handling people out of the venue.

Progressive Youth Organization raising our banner on the Trump supporters side.
Black Youth at the “Trump Out of KC” Rally on March 12, 2016
Muslim and Mexican youth at the “Trump Out of KC” rally

Outside the theater, the masses of people united against fascism swelled into the hundreds, the most militant being the Black, Muslim and Mexican youth who had chanted the most militant slogans against the Police and Trump supporters. When the crowd began to link up to take the streets, without warning the KCPD unleashed a barrage of pepper spray into the crowd. The People once again attempted to take the streets after which the Police unleashed horses, kicking them to charge into the crowd, when this was unsuccessful in dispersing the crowd KCPD once again unleashed a barrage of 6 cans of mace into the crowd. Those who were hit included children, elderly people and those in wheelchairs and yet the crowd did not disperse. Our organization along with others began to distribute water and milk to the crowd to alleviate the burning sensation of the copious amounts of pepper spray to provide some relief to those who had been brutalized with us. All throughout the night every last one of our members had endured abuse not only at the hands of Trump’s goons but the thugs in blue protecting them. The People however, could not be moved.

Comrades in the PYO linked up arms with the People to take the streets.

While this was going on the chief brute of the KCPD Darryl Forte was tweeting to justify the violence of his armed thugs by spreading lies of a “bomb threat”,”outside agitators”, protesters attempting to rush the doors, the crowd throwing “objects”, protesters using “gas masks” and an attempt to surround the police. All of which was a blatant lie. Of course this is to no surprise as this man is the chief brute and mastermind behind the cover-up of the murders of Ryan Stokes and Javon Hawkins, Stokes who was murdered by the KCPD only a few blocks away in the Power and Light District.

KCPD unleashed 2 barrages of pepper spray and horses at the crowd and yet it still did not disperse.

As we have said before, we consider Trump to merely be the figurehead of an emerging fascist movement in this country. One that will continue after the election cycle and even if he loses the election or even loses the Republican nomination. This movement will inevitably begin to organize itself and we as revolutionary youth must rise up to face this threat. There are millions of people in this country and thousands of people in our city who are inextricably against everything that Trump represents, but they are not organized. Our organization seeks to link up with the most militant section of these people so as to organize and win over those who are on the fence and unsure how to meet this threat. We trust the masses to have initiative and seek only to provide leadership where we can. We are making a call for all working class youth and students of all nationalities, races and genders to join the Progressive Youth Organization to continue to build this movement which will link up nationally with others. We must build a coalition of working class youth and students to carry forward this message to all corners of this city so when fascism rears it’s ugly head we will be able to stamp it to the ground!

DARE TO STRUGGLE! DARE TO WIN!                                                      .


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