Unnatural Disasters

An excellent statement from comrades in Austin analyzing the material and systemic factors behind recent disasters.

Red Guards Austin


The country’s eyes are fixed on the Texas Gulf Coast. Everyone is looking but not many are seeing what the local workers are experiencing. A grim Hurricane Katrina flashback plagues the coast as those in the area come to terms with the widespread chaos that Hurricane Harvey has unleashed on them. This is Trump’s Katrina, and “natural disasters,” like everything else, have a class character?that is, a “natural disaster” would not be a disaster at all if it were not for the specific way we produce human needs and the specific way human society is arranged. A category 4 hurricane smashing full force into the Texas coast would not be a tragedy if society were set up so that everything was properly prepared for these inevitable events. In an age when weather forecasts can predict devastating storms and evacuations are possible given the allotted resources, it is…

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KCPD Caught Collaborating With Right-Wing Militants

Comrades over in the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective have obtained a video proving collusion between the far-right militas and the Kansas City Police Department. These interactions are in staggering contrast to the pepper spraying, intimidation and other acts of political repression against leftists in this city.