PYO T-Shirts Now Available!

We have PYO t-shirts for sale at Forever 1917! The front has our logo and the back has “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win” printed on it.

All proceeds go directly to supporting the organizing work of progressive and revolutionary youth at UMKC and around the city, so snag yourself one before they’re gone!


Stop Alt-Right Token Milo Yiannopoulos from Coming to KC!


Milo’s venue, The Folly Theater has dumped him. Good work folks. We accept the venue’s apology and urge them to do more due diligence in the future to avoid this type of fiasco from the start. Milo and his fascist goons are not welcome in KC!

Original Post:

Contact The Folly Theater or leave them a one star review to let them know how you feel about this alt-right scumbag coming to our city. Milo and his anti-women, anti-trans, anti-Muslim, white supremacist, pedophile apologist entourage are not welcome here! No theater who would host such a person is welcome here either!

Phone: (816) 474-4444

Thank you Marcus Peters!


On yesterday’s game, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters took a stand against racism by sitting during the national anthem and has been viciously attacked by the right for this. We applaud his display of strength and integrity in the face of hatred and adversity!