Without Womxn The Sky Would Fall: PYO Statement on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Without Womxn The Sky Would Fall!

Patriarchy manifests itself as the oldest universal oppression felt by women – reaching across class, racial and national lines through varying degrees. October is designated as “Domestic Violence Awareness Month” nationwide. Domestic violence affects women and children, as well as men. However, the brunt of domestic violence is felt by women at a much higher rate.1

Patriarchal violence is not something that can be reformed; it has a history reaching back thousands of years, and is now repackaged and reproduced by capitalist society on a psycho-ideological level as well as a physical one. Whether it is through emotional or physical abuse, the feminization/pinkification of certain industries, gender roles, sexual harassment, restrictions on women’s health or the gender wage gap, the intersections of institutional and societal sexism, racism, queerphobia, transphobia and xenophobia all serve to amplify, and often justify, the atrocities perpetuated by a patriarchal system. All these issues together play as an act of violence against women, and they are fundamental to maintaining the structures that support modern day late-capitalism. Continue reading “Without Womxn The Sky Would Fall: PYO Statement on Domestic Violence Awareness Month”


Colum-Bust Day: Genocide Is No Reason To Celebrate!

columbusThe United States of America as it stands is and was founded as a white supremacist settler-colonial state that could not exist without the almost total genocide of the original inhabitants of this land and the enslavement of those with Black skin. To literally and figuratively whiten it’s image and history it has adopted legends surrounding itself which are no more than moral and ideological justifications for Empire. We see this with it’s narrative of Plymouth Rock and the Puritan zealots in their plight to escape oppression, to Thanksgiving where the indigenous people and colonizers sat down together to enjoy a shared meal, to Columbus Day where Christopher Colombus “discovered a continent”. Nothing is mentioned about the fact that he had died thinking this was Asia, and nothing about the fact that people had already been living here for thousands of years and that had cities more vastly populated than anywhere in Europe at the time. Far from being a day of celebration, Christopher Columbus represents one of the darkest chapters in the history of this continent, it represents a chapter full of genocidal murder, human trafficking and unimaginable brutality against the native people of this continent.

For oppressed people of color Columbus Day is a constant reminder that many of our ancestors and their suffering did not matter. In extension we do not matter as well. The schools, the media and the government utilize these days in such a manner to indoctrinate themselves and those they oppress to accept their lot. While lionizing the image of the colonizers and omitting and failing to mention the history of those who resisted the invasion of this world, we are taught to look up to people who look like them and to hate ourselves.

Even among supposedly progressive narratives we are given an image of indigenous people as cattle lining up for the slaughter or that they didn’t exist at all. The truth is that their descendants are still fighting and resisting this unwarranted aggression to this day. From Agüeybaná, to Oscar López Rivera, from Nat Turner to Malcolm X the oppressed have always resisted their oppressors. Continue reading “Colum-Bust Day: Genocide Is No Reason To Celebrate!”

On The Necessity of a Serve The People Program


In our disgust over the continued purge of black and brown people – that is, in the campaign of the criminalization of our cultures, which we see in the mass incarceration of our people, and in the brutality of the police which is intentionally directed at us – we made it clear that our duty was to fight, with them, for their right to live, and to live freely; not behind bars, but as human beings. To do this meant first to identify, then to combat the first component of the global power structure with which all oppressed peoples are necessarily well-acquainted; that is, the state and national police, which resides in the belly of the beast and whose role is to enforce racist, sexist, and otherwise intentionally oppressive law.

In our horror over the abuse, rape, murder and needless incarceration of helpless Central and South Americans – who merely flee what has been imposed on them in their home country by crusades of destruction by the United States government, which, though with more subtlety, continue to this day – we made clear that our duty was to fight, with them, for their humanity. To do this meant first to identify, then to combat the second component of the global power structure with which all oppressed peoples are necessarily well-acquainted; that is, the imperial army, whose purpose is to extend the imperial dominion far beyond its official borders, and to enable the pillaging of the world’s resources.

In our anger over the continued exploitation of workers’ lives and their alienation from social life, we made clear our resolve to fight, with them, for the return of true political power to the proletariat. To do this meant first to identify, then to combat the third component of the global power structure with which all oppressed peoples are necessarily well-acquainted; that is, the capitalist mode of production, the purpose of which is to de-politicize the masses by alienating the class of people who build our civilization from their human value, from social life, and therefore from any meaningful political engagement, while creating an oligarchic class of super-rich aristocrats capable of pulling the puppet strings of the latter two components with wealth pillaged from the working class.

In our dissatisfaction with the present apparent aimlessness resulting from the actions of political groups – that is, with our comrades, who, like us, work with the oppressed in mind, but, not like us, work towards an end, if towards an end at all, with the oppressed out of mind.

Progressive Youth Organization's first Serve the People Program event in which we reached out to the exploited masses of the Northeast neighborhood in Kansas City
Progressive Youth Organization’s first Serve the People Program event in which we reached out to the exploited masses of the Northeast neighborhood in Kansas City.


We therefore organized a Serve the People Program. On March 28th, 2015, we, the Progressive Youth Organization, came together with friends and allies at 9th and Van Brunt Athletic Fields. We, as workers and students of Kansas City, did more than stand in solidarity with our fellow Kansas Citians, as we have done countless times before, but took time away from our jobs and schoolwork to provide the oppressed masses with material aid: We distributed donated clothes and shoes, toys, hygiene products, and even served food. But rather than serving, as the philanthropic liberals do, in the name of charity, we understood that the correct action was to empower the masses. For the best way to avoid injury is not to eternally replace bandaids, but to attack the cause of injury! When the people realize their true potential – that is, when their value is returned to them and the efforts of their labor is socialized – it will be possible for correct political action.

That is to say, revolution is the only mechanism which utilizes the full power of the people; the full  power of the people is achieved through service to and politicizing of the people; therefore, Serve the People Programs, which serve and politicize the masses, are the vehicle towards revolutionary politics.

On May 1st, 2015, Progressive Youth Organization will be holding another Serve the People Program at Budd Park starting at 4:00 PM.


We charge the state with genocide! Only one week after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson, the snake that takes it form in racist police violence reared its ugly head again with the non-indictment of killer cops Justin Damico and Daniel Pantelo in the death of Eric Garner. Eric Garner was a father of six, a municipal worker and he was subjected to an illegal chokehold that was all caught on tape. While the paramedics were suspended without pay for not adminstering CPR to Garner, the police who murdered him were placed on desk duty. This is despite the autopsy that determined his cause of death was attributed to compression on his neck and chest, this was despite the undeniable video evidence, in which Mr. Garner repeatedly yelled that he could not breathe and yet his murderers were still not charged with his murder.

The sad truth is that Eric Garner represents another murder in the sickening spiral that is inherent in a nation built on the backs of slaves and genocide of the original inhabitants. Can we expect such a violent and imperialist nation to reform itself? More US citizens are killed at the hands of police in the last decade than have been killed by the Iraqi insurgency, this would constitute a situation of war, but only one side is armed, and they are armed to the teeth. The New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio the morning after the non-indictment discussed how he would put body cameras on all NYPD officers, a trending topic amongst other police departments around the country. We say this “reform” is a fraud and a completely dishonest non-solution to the issue of police violence and national oppression. What good are body cameras in holding the police accountable to their actions when a man was literally murdered in front of our eyes?

In Kansas City
In Kansas City

In response, the people of New York City took to the streets, our sister organization in New York City The Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee issued a call to Union Square where they put forward the only real solution: revolution. In Kansas City the Progressive Youth Organization, One Struggle KC and other progressive forces came out to the intersection of Prospect and Emmanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and shut down the streets for 4 minutes and 30 seconds to bring attention not only to Mike Brown and Eric Garner but the disappeared 43 students in Ayotzinapa, Mexico. Almost immediately we were swarmed by the armed forces of the state: the Kansas City Police Department who came out with 50 armed officers and at least 5 paddy wagons, yet they were powerless to stop us from demonstrating and shutting down traffic.

Everyday across the country we are witnessing a growing movement of the most oppressed masses who are beginning to see the racist and imperialist capitalist system for what it is. They are beginning to see that the police are not there to protect them, but to oppress them. They are starting to realize that bourgeois justice is not blind, for what justice can we see for the oppressed in the courts of their oppressors? They are seeing the contradictions between rule of law and how it does not apply to the State whether it is in Ferguson, Mexico or Palestine. This movement will continue to grow so long as more people are murdered by the state. The boiling water in the pot can only be stirred and allowed to heat for so long before it spills over. If we dare to struggle then we will win!

Too Little, Too Late: We Are Not Political Pawns!

242_cartoon_border_fence_hurwitt_largeOn the 104th Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution President Barack Obama announced two executive actions to provide relief to nearly five million undocumented immigrants for three years. The first would grant deferred action to parents of American citizens or permanent residents who have been in the country for five years and youth who were brought into the country illegally as of 2010. While this relief is much needed and would provide relief from deportations and a relative security from job discrimination for millions it still would leave four million people unprotected and at risk for deportation, something the Obama administration is quite well at with an average rate of 400,000 people deported every year by the administration. And it seems this could even climb at a higher rate as the President has also promised to increase border security, adding to already one of the most militarized borders in the world; nearly surpassing the Demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.
Continue reading “Too Little, Too Late: We Are Not Political Pawns!”

Obama’s Delay on Immigration…Once Again

The United States is deporting immigrants nine times the rate of 20 years ago. Over 2.5 million immigrants have been deported under Obama, more than any president in history, this despite promising to make immigration reform his priority in his 2008 & 2012 Campaigns.
The United States is deporting immigrants nine times the rate of 20 years ago. Over 2.5 million immigrants have been deported under Obama, more than any president in history, this despite promising to make immigration reform his priority in his 2008 & 2012 Campaigns.

It’s no secret that deportations of Central American refugees and undocumented immigrants have reached record levels while Obama has been in office. His administration’s deportation statistics first began breaking records in 2011, at which time a study[1] annual average of nearly 400,000 since 2009, about 30% higher than the annual average during the second term of the Bush administration and about double the annual average during George W. Bush’s first term.”

In other words, for the millions of Central American refugees for whom President Obama has refused to take action, Christmas is as good as cancelled. Fearing an electoral backlash in response to any executive intervention in the current refugee crisis, the Obama administration is by now undoubtedly committed to its strategy of delaying action until after midterm elections in November. Their mentality is that, since Latino and/or Democrat voters living in states in which Republicans have an overwhelming majority likely can’t tilt the electoral scales in any significant way, Democrats have little to lose by refusing to act. Why help out a family in need if there’s nothing in it for yourself?

It is safe to say that Obama, instead of upholding his numerous promises of relief to the millions of Central American refugee families who are likely to be separated sooner or later, has decided to continue his trend of prioritizing political games and electoral marketing campaigns over human rights. Obama is openly showing, as he has shown in the past, that he would rather be the president who fought valiantly for his political party than for the immigrant communities, which comprise no small part of the working class in the United States. It is because of this behavior, demonstrations of which there are countless others, that Obama’s legacy will be eight years of political game-playing, unceasing cowardice, cynicism, and cruelty. It’s worth remembering that Obama would likely not have been re-elected in 2012 if it hadn’t been for the same Latino community now being marginalized and forgotten. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center’s Hispanic Trends Project[2], “In 2012 Latinos supported Barack Obama over Mitt Romney by a margin of 71% to 27% (Lopez and Taylor, Project 2012) and were an important part of the coalition that re-elected the president.”

Despite this, support for Obama and democrats in general has fallen sharply among Latino communities across the US. According to a new national survey of Latino adults by the Pew Hispanic Center, 59% of Latinos disapprove of the way the Obama administration is handling deportations of unauthorized immigrants, a ratio of more than two-to-one versus the 27% of Latinos surveyed who approve.

In conclusion, Obama has secured his place in history as yet another better-safe-than-sorry Democrat. He will not be the president who broke through a corrupt political system to defend human rights, but will instead be yet another establishment figure who was only as good as he had to be.

But we shouldn’t end our analysis there. After all, Obama didn’t promise much of anything in either of his election campaigns aside from vague and hollow prophecies of “hope” and “change”. World-renowned writer, journalist and filmmaker Tariq Ali is correct in saying that one must “assess and judge an American president not on the basis of what he has to say, but on the basis what he does. That alone must be the only criterion for judging any politician.”[3]

For example, it is often thought that a bill passed in the Senate in 2013 (the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, or “S.744”) would have been a first step in providing a sanctuary, not only for the two million refugees due for deportation, but for the eleven million undocumented immigrants currently living within the United States.[4]

Touted as “immigration reform” S.744, stepped up immigration enforcement and a new guest worker program; some guest workers could apply for green cards, but only after they work years of servitude. The Neo-Bracero Programs pushed forward by the Democrat Party are a reflection of their origins as the “slave party”. “A single person would have to make $14,362 to keep their provisional status, so even losing a few weeks a year could make them ineligible, or force them to work excessive hours to maintain this salary. Getting fired would be disastrous, making joining unions or advocating for rights extremely risky. And of course, millions of single parents supporting children, clearly wouldn’t qualify, since a family of four would have to keep an income of $29,437 to maintain status. That’s more than two fulltime minimum wage jobs.” – http://dignitycampaign.org/statements/response-to-senate-bill-s-744/

But in reality, S.744 would dramaticaly scale up militarization at the US-Mexico border and would force immigrants to endure a ten year “temporary citizen” status before being allowed a full legal US citizenship. On top of this, the Nation reports that “the bill [S.744] expands the government’s profiling of Muslim immigrants by requiring additional security screening of immigration applicants, spouses and children who resided in a region or country ‘known to pose a threat, or that contains groups or organizations that pose a threat to the US.’ Also overlooked is the fact that S. 744 creates new categories of deportability that target alleged criminals. S. 744 would exclude untold numbers of undocumented and legal immigrants from the benefits of reform and leave them vulnerable to detention and deportation.”[5]

To simply shrug and say that Obama is a “disappointment” or that he “didn’t have the courage of a JFK or an FDR” is to dismiss the most important lesson history has to offer. History shows us again and again that the only way to prevent such atrocities as the current immigration crisis is by first learning from an honest, accurate analysis, and next by becoming politically active.

The Progressive Youth Organization of Kansas City is not alone in its belief that the people alone, by collectively participating in revolutionary action, decide in which direction our society is headed!


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[4] Edwards, Julia. “Latinos furious at Obama on immigration delay, vow more pressure.” Reuters. Thomson Reuters, 7 July 2014. Web. 25 Sept. 2014.

[5] Alejandra Marchevsky and Beth Baker “Why Has President Obama Deported More Immigrants Than Any President in US History?.” The Nation. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2014.


Stop the Detainment and Deportation of Refugee Children!

The Progressive Youth Organization of Kansas City (PYO-KC) invites the families of immigrants and all progressive peoples to converge in front of the Kansas City Immigration Court on 2345 Grand Boulevard (Pershing Street) on Sunday, 27 July 2014 at 2:00 PM. We will rally against the inhumane detentions of tens of thousands of Central and South American refugees, most of whom are children, and stand in solidarity with the families of those held in hostage by US immigration authorities.


Central American refugees did not wander off from their homes, only to accidentally appear at the US border, as if by magic, nor did anybody ask to be born into a life of poverty and suffering. Rather, what is being witnessed today is the result of an ongoing campaign of terror; a ceaseless, silent war waged on the population of an entire continent. On one side sits innocent, helpless civilians whom international law is either unwilling or incapable of protecting,and on the other sits the largest and most powerful hegemonic empire in human history. If any degree of true forward motion is to be hoped for, a reasonable first objective ought to be to gain an understanding of the role of US foreign policy in the historical development of Central and South America. To this end, let us first ask what might have caused the necessary conditions for this human rights disaster in the first place.

The effects of western aggression on nations in the Caribbean, Central and South America can be traced back at least to the fifteenth century, at which time the Americas are commonly said to have been “discovered” by the first civilized human beings. The subtext is of course that, despite the fact that civilizations had already been flourishing for thousands of years, the residents of the Americas weren’t really human beings until the white, western colonizers turned up by accident. This is worth noting simply because it serves as a perfect illustration of the yet-existing pernicious attitude of extreme racism held by those with influence over the minds of the public. Bearing this in mind, it becomes obvious that it is no coincidence that the media and political elite blatantly refuse to put on display the history of their imperial masters’ savage practices in Latin America.


It’s hardly a secret that, as far back as the late eighteenth century, ruling elites within the United States have more or less looked upon Central and South America as their God-given property. Evidence of this can be seen in the “Monroe Doctrine” (1823), which plainly displays the United States’ long-term strategic objective to subjugate the Americas in order to bleed them of wealth and resources.

Looking at more recent history, it is plainly visible that the US has not been a component in the promotion of democracy, but has in fact been solely responsible for the total destruction democracies throughout Central and South America. Perhaps the most immediately significant events to the current crisis is the campaigns of terror carried out by US-funded military juntas. Continuing to the present day, the US empire and its ultra-nationalist puppets have employed every kind of unimaginable torture, extra-judicial assassinations, and repression against progressive citizens demanding control over their own resources, in their campaign of aggression in the Americas.

It’s worth mentioning that, given that United Nations charters forbid both the use of force and the threat of the use of force, the atrocities committed by the United States contradict of not only its own self-proclaimed moral “exceptionalism”, but are also in violation of international law. For example, the ICJ (International Court of Justice, or World Court, established in 1945 by the UN charter) ruled that the US’s genocidal war carried out in secret against the people of Nicaragua was in violation of international law, and an act of aggression indistinguishable from international state-sponsored terrorism.

The above-mentioned are a few outstanding examples, of which there are many more than can be mentioned here, of methods the US ruling class has plainly shown it is willing to use to protect its perceived “manifest destiny”. According to Justin Akers Chacón, author of No One is Illegal: Fighting Racism and State Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border, “poverty rates reached nearly 60 percent throughout Central America by 1990, topping 80 percent in Honduras, 73 percent in Nicaragua, 65 percent in Guatemala and 54 percent in El Salvador; with half or more of the poor in each country classified as living in extreme poverty.”
He goes on to say:
“According to an AFL-CIO report in 2008 that investigated maquiladoras in Guatemala, there is widespread sexual violence against women workers, common use of child labor, various forms of anti-union intimidation and violence, blacklists and mass firings, and a general failure to comply with basic labor codes established by the International Labor Organization. Other organizations have pointed to similar trends in maquildoras in other participating Central American nations.”

Obama, the self-proclaimed “most progressive president in history” according to an article in the Huffington Post (Alman, 2014), voted “most successful marketing product of the year”, who “beat out the marketing campaigns of Apple computers, Zappos.com, Coors beer, and Nike athletic apparel for the award at the Orlando conference, which was held between October 16 and 19 [2008]”, may be credited with some of the most reactionary stances toward US immigration reform in recent history. At the same time, Obama has already deported more people than any President in US History; on average more than 400,000 immigrants are deported every year.

Chacón notes, “In 2010, the Obama administration re-launched the Central America portion of the Mérida Initiative as the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI). CARSI provides equipment, training, and technical and logistical support for drug interdiction operations. The $803 million allocated to Central American governments to date has gone directly into the hands of the governments and military apparatuses to ostensibly provide support in their efforts to curtail the cartels. In fact, the cartels have only increased their power in relation to the governments, and whole regions have become destabilized as a result of increasing crime and drug-related violence.” One can only imagine what that vast sum of money could have accomplished if it had been responsibly allocated!


As a direct result of Obama’s imperialist policies, which are indeed part of a larger agenda to neutralize populist resistance in Central and South America, the rates of homicide have shot through the stratosphere; In 2012, Honduras had the highest murder rate per 100,000 people of any country on the planet (outside of a warzone) at an average of 90.4 (20 murders per day), followed by El Salvador at 41.2, Guatemala at 39.9, and Mexico at 21.5. (Chacón 6).
Those same countries account for the largest mass migration in the 1980’s and 90’s, during which time, according to the Migration Policy Institute, “two million Central Americans moved into the US by the year 2000.” (Chacón 4). Furthermore, according to the United Nations Refugee Agency, the number of people fleeing Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras has increased by 712% since 2009.
It’s no coincidence that this coincides near perfectly with both the escalation escalation of the “war on drugs”, which was sold to the US public on the aforementioned racist attitudes that have by now been successfully engrained into the American psyche, and opening of Central American markets under the so-called “free trade agreement” (North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA).
In sum, we must recognize that the current humanitarian crisis is not accidental, nor is it an unintended consequence of well-intentioned US foreign policy gone awry; the destruction of populist movements throughout Latin America and subsequent displacement of broken families and children is an essential characteristic of continued US foreign policy.

There are currently 11 million or more undocumented immigrants living in the United States. They remain undocumented for a number of reasons, but primarily because it serves the interests of the US employing class. Undocumented workers are uniquely supported by US businesses, especially in agriculture, simply because they have no legal status, and therefore no guarantee of protection of their basic human rights. It is known very well that immigrant workers may as well be slave labor, and are paid low wages so as to enrich a system which makes profits off of their backs. Construction firms hire undocumented immigrants for the simple fact that they can pay them a fraction of what a unionized worker would be paid. Ironically, the fruits and vegetables that feed the very same anti-immigrant racists are picked in the sweltering heat by undocumented immigrants who are rewarded for their part in the imperial grand strategy with hate, bigotry, and wages far below any average poverty-wage level.

This is part of a ruthless ongoing campaign on the part of the US ruling elite against workers rights; the United States has by far the most violent labor history of any industrial power, the legacy from which is plainly visible today.

Class warfare has played no small part in the US ruling elite’s exponentially increasing wealth and power. Note that if the US media practiced anything even remotely resembling honest journalism, mass movements would be formed overnight demanding better working conditions and citizenship for refugees fleeing US international terrorism. In reality, however, when the media has not flat-out refused to so much as talk about the atrocities being committed by US-backed juntas, it has done the exact opposite of journalism; the media in this country has successfully cultivated an overwhelming climate of fear among the general population.

Workers are the primary target of fear-mongering tactics, and immigrant working people are particularly easy prey, since the threat of deportation alone is enough to scare workers into submission.

In the process of deportation immigrants are sent to privately owned and federally funded detention centers. In 2010, two of the nation’s largest for-profit prison corporations the Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group Inc. have reported a combined profit of $424 million in ICE contracts alone. In addition, tens of millions of dollars have been spent in the last 10 years lobbying congress to approve greater funding in immigration enforcement and detention budgets.

In light of our own history, we must not allow ourselves to be mistaken; the current crisis at US-Mexico border is our responsibility. It is well within our power to make a lasting impact! It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that millions are spent each election cycle lobbying for the destruction of unions, the deregulation of labor, &c. The global hegemonic force that is modern US imperialism arose and throve with the enslavement of people whom western colonists considered naturally inferior; the systemic oppression based upon this barbaric concept must surely, therefore, come to its end when we as a popular force unite, in the name of true progress, under the following basic principles:




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Rally to Support Unaccompanied Minors in Immigration Crisis

We invite all immigrants, families of immigrants and progressive peoples to gather in front of the Kansas City Immigration Court at Washington Square Park. We will rally against the inhumane detentions of Central American refugees, most of whom are children, and stand in solidarity with the families of those held hostage, being processed for deportation, in US immigration detention centers.

Les invitamos a todos inmigrantes, familias de inmigrantes, y personas progresivas a que se reunan con nosotros frente a la Corte de Inmigracion de Kansas City, en el parque de Washington Square Park. Vamos a tener demostracion en contra de las detenciones inhumanas de Centro Americanos, la mayoria niños, y ponernos en solidaridad con las familias de aquellos siendo procesados para deportacion en centros de detencion de inmigracion.

For more information 816- 379-3942
***Para mas informacion en español
816-872-6244 -Wendy


Facebook event Page: http://facebook.com/events/536491786451575