UMKC Admin Has Failed, We Must Smash Rape Culture Ourselves!


UMKC administration once again failed to take concrete action against sexual assault at the last town hall. They talked about meetings, and committees and procedures – but when have those accomplished anything? Their mouths made the same motions they did during last semester’s sexual assaults, while their actions are still absent.

In face of such incompetence, PYO has taken a stand! We pasted fliers with the names and faces of two known rapists on campus, in order to warn the student body, while letting rapists know that they are not welcome here. During the flyering, we were pleased to discover that other rebellious youth had decorated the Bloch School of Business.


This is only the beginning – more actions will come. The end goal of this campaign is to build a revolutionary counter-culture on campus that will empower the student body to annihilate rape culture ourselves!

Such a goal is a high order, and will require dedicated, protracted struggle. If you wish to keep in touch with our future efforts, like our Facebook, and/or keep watching this website.


End Sexual Assault on UMKC!

Last Friday night, at least two women were sexually assaulted by UMKC student athletes at a party on 49th and Lydia.

This is the latest in a long string of sexual assaults – and each time, UMKC administration claim that they hear our concerns, but tie up any potential solutions in red tape. Meanwhile, their yesmen in SGA have had no issues planning to give student athletes extra votes.

Enough is enough! It is time for us to end rape culture at UMKC, with or without the administration’s help, before another sexual assault happens!

Tonight, November 13, at the townhall meeting (7pm, Student Union Room 401), PYO’s UMKC students will demand that the administration take concrete action.

In the likely event that they only offer excuses and obstructionism, then we will organize our own efforts against rape culture.

If you want to stop sexual assault at UMKC, then share this post, come to the townhall, and take action!

PYO T-Shirts Now Available!

We have PYO t-shirts for sale at Forever 1917! The front has our logo and the back has “Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win” printed on it.

All proceeds go directly to supporting the organizing work of progressive and revolutionary youth at UMKC and around the city, so snag yourself one before they’re gone!

Stop Alt-Right Token Milo Yiannopoulos from Coming to KC!


Milo’s venue, The Folly Theater has dumped him. Good work folks. We accept the venue’s apology and urge them to do more due diligence in the future to avoid this type of fiasco from the start. Milo and his fascist goons are not welcome in KC!

Original Post:

Contact The Folly Theater or leave them a one star review to let them know how you feel about this alt-right scumbag coming to our city. Milo and his anti-women, anti-trans, anti-Muslim, white supremacist, pedophile apologist entourage are not welcome here! No theater who would host such a person is welcome here either!

Phone: (816) 474-4444

Thank you Marcus Peters!


On yesterday’s game, Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters took a stand against racism by sitting during the national anthem and has been viciously attacked by the right for this. We applaud his display of strength and integrity in the face of hatred and adversity!

In Memory of Anthony Lamar Smith

On December 20, 2011, St. Louis police officer Jason Stockley shot and killed unarmed Anthony Lamar Smith. For six years, the city of St. Louis has waited for justice. Yesterday, September 15, 2017, Anthony’s family, friends, and community were denied justice by a system that has been criminalizing, imprisoning, and killing men for centuries.

Progressive Youth Organization – Kansas City stands with the community of St. Louis in this time of injustice. Your suffering is our suffering. Your burden is our burden. The same laws that oppress the people of your city weigh heavy on the citizens of Kansas City. The tyranny of police brutality has strangled many communities and you are right to express your outrage, your pain, and your every emotion. Now more than ever there is a need for communities to join in solidarity to face the looming, ivory pillar of white supremacy.

Jason Stockley is a face unrecognizable among a barrage of blue uniforms and gold badges flashed across our screens. He is a man who used his power over another and snuffed out their life. He is a man living in a system that rewards the color of his skin and the uniform he chose to wear. Jason Stockley is a symptom of a far-reaching rot that only white supremacy and capitalism could create.

PYO-KC is a coalition of progressive working class youth and college students. We come from many backgrounds, many races, many genders. Together we speak many languages, we come from many countries, and we have many stories. We stand with St. Louis in the name of Anthony Lamar Smith, a man stolen from us too soon.

Rest in power, Anthony.

Unnatural Disasters

An excellent statement from comrades in Austin analyzing the material and systemic factors behind recent disasters.

Red Guards Austin


The country’s eyes are fixed on the Texas Gulf Coast. Everyone is looking but not many are seeing what the local workers are experiencing. A grim Hurricane Katrina flashback plagues the coast as those in the area come to terms with the widespread chaos that Hurricane Harvey has unleashed on them. This is Trump’s Katrina, and “natural disasters,” like everything else, have a class character?that is, a “natural disaster” would not be a disaster at all if it were not for the specific way we produce human needs and the specific way human society is arranged. A category 4 hurricane smashing full force into the Texas coast would not be a tragedy if society were set up so that everything was properly prepared for these inevitable events. In an age when weather forecasts can predict devastating storms and evacuations are possible given the allotted resources, it is…

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KCPD Caught Collaborating With Right-Wing Militants

Comrades over in the Kansas City Revolutionary Collective have obtained a video proving collusion between the far-right militas and the Kansas City Police Department. These interactions are in staggering contrast to the pepper spraying, intimidation and other acts of political repression against leftists in this city.

Urgent: Get Organized to Smash Fascism in Kansas City!

KCRC comrades have issued a report on the counter demo against the alt-right “March Against Sharia”. We were also present and can confirm the accuracy of this report.

Kansas City Revolutionary Collective

A Report Back From the Counter-Demonstration for the KC “March Against Sharia”

On Saturday the anti-Muslim hate group ACT for America staged a so-called “March Against Sharia” at Washington Square Park in downtown Kansas City, as part of a larger nationwide event. Standing alongside ACT were members of the fascist 3%er militia, and other assorted white supremacists and neo-nazis. The pretense of “Sharia Law” was just a dog-whistle for extremist right-wing hate groups to spread their filth and try to organize unassuming Republicans and closet racists for their genocidal cause. As Communists, we stand with the Muslim community and with all those who are targeted by fascist hatred and slander.

Antifa arrived on the scene a couple hours prior to the event hoping to snuff it out, but by that time, a dozen 3%ers were already at the park with their KCPD escort. The 3%ers were hired and paid by ACT to provide additional security…

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Break The Ice! Stop The Raids! – ¡Quiebra el ICE! ¡Alto a las Redadas! // Joint Statement – Declaración Conjunta


In the weeks prior to a landmark Supreme Court decision on DAPA and DACA+, a decision that would affect the lives of millions of people across the nation, the Obama administration’s ICE decided to carry out its second major immigration raids of the year; this time in the Midwest. Under the guise of “removing criminal aliens,” ICE has rounded up 331 immigrants in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas and Missouri. Much of the language of the statements from ICE justify these raids in the interest of “public safety,” but they contradict the impact that immigrant rights groups in the area claim is doing more harm than good.

ICE raids break up families and traumatize children who must contend with witnessing armed groups of men abducting their parents and siblings from the safety of their homes. The remark of “removing criminal aliens” is also a ruse that includes individuals working with infractions as minor as working with a made-up social security number. Chicago was the hardest hit city with 106 arrests made. In our own state of Missouri, 39 arrests were made in the Kansas City area. Such actions constitute a treacherous violation on the part of the Obama administration, which has deported more immigrants than any other previous administration combined in recent history.

This coming on the cusps of promising comprehensive immigration reform. It is clear to us that immigration reform and collective liberation cannot come at the mercy of the carceral state, which must be fed with a constant supply of prison inmates to fill it’s jails, but rather a willingness to resist. History has taught us that no people is given their freedom without standing up and fighting for it. The very fact that immigration reform is being discussed, that DACA was won by the People, was not from a change of heart from the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. Rather it was won from the willingness of hundreds of thousands of Dreamers rising up to demand their right to not be separated from their families. Who fought to have access to the right of education.

In Missouri a reactionary bill was signed into law, HB 2003, that would seek to undermine DACA by charging Dreamers international rates to attend public universities. The law is supposed to go into effect August 28, 2016, but already schools are hiking tuition on ‘DACAmented’ students. In Kansas City, community colleges which cannot charge international rates, and thus are immune to the language of the bill, still see it fit to charge out-of-state tuition to DACA recipients, even though they are under no obligation to do so. Such racist attacks by Missouri’s legislature, and the signing of the bill into law by Jay Nixon, who assured undocumented youth that it was “unenforceable,” show that it is not the politicians in whom we can trust, but in our own ability as The People to resist. Such moves which seek to undermine the victories we have made must be soundly and firmly rejected.

We are issuing a call to resist not only the ICE raids but Missouri HB 2003 . We will not relent until this unconstitutional law is repealed and Dreamers are given access to schools in the state in which they reside. We will not sit idly by and allow so many members of our community be treated in such a neglectful, violent and racist manner.


Progressive Youth Organization, Kansas City

Progressive Youth Organization, Saint Louis

Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance

Una Lucha KC

Latinos en Axión STL

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