Progressive Youth Organization, Kansas City


Progressive Youth Organization (PYO-KC)

1. Name of the organization: Progressive Youth Organization (PYO-KC)

2. Tasks of the organization:

A. To Build and support national-in-form organizations (Black, Chicano/Mexicano, Asian, Latino, Muslim, Arab etc.) on campus in schools in which PYO has a presence OR multinational organizations that connect academic, cultural, economic and social needs with revolutionary and progressive politics.

B. To Educate, Organize and Mobilize the broadest section of young people to struggle and link up with the People’s struggles against white supremacy, capitalism, militarism and imperialism, against all teachers, administrators and officials which perpetuate this system. These take the form in work to combat police brutality and abuse, education cuts, mass incarceration, gentrification, the military industrial complex etc.

C. To launch a cultural movement to raise the revolutionary consciousness of the oppressed communities in Kansas City by speaking in classrooms, outside of schools, on the streets, through social media, publishing of articles, leaflets, pamphlets, newsletters, blogs, scholarships, Serve the People Programs, cultural events, conferences, study groups, demonstrations, marches etc. As the descendants of slaves and/or colonized people we must have an education which seeks to inform our people of our history and prepare us to take on the task of liberation.

3. Publication of Progressive Youth Organization (PYO): Newsletter and/or blog.

4. Requirements, Rights and Duties of Membership:

A. Membership to the PYO is open to students and/or non-student youth who agree with the Points of Unity, Platform and Constitution of the PYO, and are engaged in building or supporting campus based organizations, community organizing, or other mass organizations in Public High Schools that are:

(i) National-in-form with a revolutionary and progressive direction, or;

(ii) Multinational (Oppressed nations) in composition, with a primary focus on integrating students into the struggles of oppressed-nationality communities.

B. Members have the right to:

(i) Participate freely and fully in all General Membership meetings.

(ii) Propose changes to the agenda of General Membership meetings.

(iii) Propose activities and vote on all decisions at General Membership meetings.

(iv) Run for and be elected to the Secretariat of the PYO.

(v) Express criticisms and disagreements to the Secretariat and General Membership of the PYO.

(vi) Propose amendments to the points of unity, platform and constitution.

(vii) Resign from the PYO.

(viii) Donate a suggested amount of $5 a month to sustain the costs of running and maintaining the Progressive Youth Organization and which will be collected by the treasurer.

C. Members have the duty to:

(i) Uphold the points of unity, platform and constitution of the PYO and carry out its tasks.

(ii) Propagate revolutionary and progressive politics among students and the masses to the best of their ability.

5. Organizational Structure:

A. General Membership: The General Membership is the highest decision making body of the organization. It meets at least twice during a semester (at the beginning and in the middle of the semester) and once during the Summer. It elects a new Secretariat at the first meeting of the academic year. It makes decisions by majority vote (50% + 1). Quorum to conduct business is a majority of the membership (50% + 1).

B. Secretariat: The Secretariat is responsible for carrying out the day-to-day work of the organization. It is responsible for educating, organizing and mobilizing the General Membership. It meets at least once a month and should stay in frequent contact. It makes decisions by majority vote (50% + 1). It can replace resigned members of the Secretariat with new interim members by majority vote (50% + 1) who serve until the next General Membership meeting. It consists of the following officers, each of whom must get a majority vote (50% + 1) at the General Membership meeting:

Positions in the Secretariat:

(i) Chair-person (1): Creates the agenda for General Membership and Secretariat meetings and facilitates the meetings. Drafts and signs press releases in consultation with the whole Secretariat. Main representative of the organization in rallies and other external activities. Facilitates work among the secretariat. Is in contact with all non-campus orientated political entities, effectively the main external affairs person. Keeps timeline and calendar events, meetings and other functions while coordinating with secretariat. Investigates and stays informed on community struggles. Proposes mobilizations to the whole Secretariat. Oversees committees based on special tasks (ie; Retreat spaces, cultural, specific campaigns etc;)

(ii) Secretary-General (1): Calls General Membership and Secretariat meetings in consultation with the rest of the secretariat. Notifies membership of meetings. Maintains membership roster. Handles all administrative responsibilities. Investigates and stays informed on community struggles. Proposes mobilizations to the whole Secretariat and General Body. Communicates from the secretariat to the Campus captains and organizes the MCCKC/UMKC/JCCC/City-wide strategy. Leads the PYO in mobilizations with each campus leader in leadership of campus cells.

(iii) Education Officer (1) Organizes study courses for the PYO and its allies on theory and practice. Oversees: the Education and Media of the PYO this included but is not limited to: orientation membership standards, study material/PYO Curriculum, propaganda production on all social media of the PYO and its allies, the development and implantation of the PYO political line and strategy in working with the Secretary-General and the campus captains.  Organizes and meets with those who will lead studies, and material that will be put out on PYO media. Approves propaganda and studies within the secretariat.

(iv) Treasurer (1) Collects voluntary dues and funds raised from events, donations and fundraisers. Issues out money when required to do so by the financial needs of the organization. Gives a financial report at the beginning of every PYO meeting when present.

(v) Chairperson of the Proletarian Feminist Committee (PFC) (1) May be nominated by the whole membership but can only be a member of the PFC and voted in by the PFC. Creates the agenda for PFC meetings and facilitates the meetings which must take place at least once a month. Appoints a note taker for all PFC meetings. Drafts and signs press releases in consultation with the whole Secretariat on behalf of the PFC. Main representative of the PFC in rallies and other external activities. Facilitates work among the secretariat. Keeps timeline and calendar events, meetings of the PFC and other functions while coordinating with secretariat. Investigates and stays informed on community struggles. Proposes mobilizations to the whole Secretariat.

C. Campus Captains:

Each campus will have a campus captain that will:

  1. Organize PYO meetings among campus cells regularly (weekly/bi-weekly)
  2. Communicate at least once a week with the Secretary-General on the Work that week.
  3. Function as the leader of  the PYO by campus and serve as security of the PYO at demonstrations

D. Secretariat members can be recalled by a majority vote (50% + 1) of the General Membership.

E. After investigation and due process, the Secretariat by a 2/3′s vote of itself can warn, suspend or expel members of the organization for harming the interests of the people and the organization.

6. The Proletarian Feminist Committee:

A. Creates a space for women in the organization to develop their politics.

Its aim is to politicize, mobilize, and organize women. It facilitates PYO members in understanding the woman’s question and its application to our work, including raising women’s issues as campaigns in our mass work.

We need to strive for the full integration of women into the organization. This means that we must come up with solutions to make it easier for women in PYO to develop and participate in the struggle and that we must condemn patriarchal behavior against women, including transwomen. Those in leadership must also play a role in facilitating that. Patriarchal errors both in the general membership body and the leadership body will be dealt with by the Proletarian Feminist Committee.

B. Principles of the Proletarian Feminist Committee:

(i) Our guiding theory is proletarian feminism. We approach women on the basis of their class interests.

(ii) We must understand the basic needs of the masses of proletarian and oppressed-nationality women. We must organize the people to fight.

(iii) We must raise the political consciousness of the masses in the midst of the class struggle. We must be scientific in our investigation and analysis.

7. Amendments: The points of unity, platform and constitution of the PYO can be amended by a 2/3′s vote of the General Membership.


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